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Let them be a Strong(ER)Team™

People working together in the SDLC have unfortunately become a scenario of competing interests and mutual distrust. Gifted individuals are forced into inflexible roles, and siloed cultures put them even further at odds with themselves and each other. And if that is not bad enough, rigid processes force them to work together like inanimate cogs in a machine rather than the unique individuals they really are.

Strong(ER)Team™ puts a kibosh on all that.


Embedded within a set of agile software development activities, Strong(ER)Team™ helps to increase social awareness by giving team members access to the strengths and capabilities of their teammates, and by providing guidance as to how to best work together to produce optimal outcomes.

You can begin with out-of-the-box activities (or design your own) and inspect, adapt, and continuously improve as your people (and your organization) evolve to be the very best they can be.